TOSHIBA Please Read - Beta Testing and Developer Community

Hello Jim,
I wanted to respond to your posting about the status of the update but the thread has been locked, so I started a new one. Anyway, I was wondering if there was a chance that we could get a beta test version of the software provided to experienced and brave individuals that can report back to the dev team with various issues and bugs to be fixed?
The public beta will not only appease the people angry at Toshiba for missing the deadline for the update, but also provide necessary feedback to the development team that can be used to create a more feature complete update. As an Android developer myself, I would take every oppurtunity to report bugs and issues and even provide code to help implement fixes for various issues if said source is availible. I believe it would be a great idea for Toshiba to create an open source development community on these forums and to provide us with bleeding edge code for us to implement and mess around with.
Such communities already exist on various sites like XDA Developers but not with vendor support, if Toshiba provided a vendor-supported developer community around the Thrive and other Android devices such as the Excite and Folio. With a vendor supported community, we would have a place where Toshiba can make better software for the devices and developers and brave regular users can participate in the process of getting updates for our various devices. I believe that moving away from such a closed development environment would not only help Toshiba develop better devices and software, but also give the company a leg up on its competitors who do not have such a community pitching in allowing for better software to be coded.
I hope that this message is read by someone at Toshiba that can make this happen, as the benefits are truly mutual, since Toshiba would be getting better software for its devices and developers get the resources and code needed to turn Toshiba into one of the best supporters of this great open-source project.
If anyone from Toshiba would like to contact me to help coordinate such an undertaking, I may be reached at [email protected]
Thank You For Your Time,
Rob Gries
Android Developer

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the thoughtful message. Your points are well made and, while I don't disagree that there are mutual benefits, Toshiba has no current plans for directly building or supporting a developer community.
On the other hand, private beta testing for the Thrive product line was first launched last summer and I expect it to be ongoing as major software updates reach reasonably usable states within the development process. However, you won't see discussion of beta testing in the message boards because beta testers are under NDA.
Thanks again for the thoughts and for your interest in developing for Thrive!