RAW NEF files imported into Aperture from a Nikon D70 are dark

I imported one roll of images straight from the CF card from my Nikon D70 into Aperture.
I also imported them into Nikon PictureProject. (the current application I use)
All the NEF's in Aperture are darker than the NEF's in PictureProject. Has anyone else seen this issue?
Also, any NEF that I have previously edited and saved in Nikon Capture Editor, do not display any of the changes when imported into Aperture. Interesting that the Finder shows the thumbnail correctly. Has anyone else seen this issue?
Thanks, Scott K.

I've imported a few of the NEF files I've gotten from my D2X, and for the most part, they look fine. A little darker than when displayed in Adobe Bridge and ACR, but not that much darker. This is probably just the way the image converter is interpreting the RAW data. A couple of minor levels adjustments for me, and they look fine.
As for Aperture not "seeing" the changes made to a RAW file in Nikon Capture. That may be due to the way Capture applies its changes to the file. If when you make a change, Capture simply adds the adjustments to a side car file, etc., and doesn't change the original RAW file (which it should never do), then Aperture is only reading the original RAW data. The side car info is not understood by Aperture. At least not now.
This is pretty much the same way ACR works.
Jeff Weinberg