Problem printing PDF with Acrobat Pro 9.4.4

I can't correctly print a PDF with Acrobat Pro that was created in Indesign CS5.
I want to print it on a letter format (8,5 X 11") and it offers me a format of 8,49 X 10,99". It results in having my document being printed as tile with it's original format 12 X 21,5" as if I didn't adjust the format to be reduced.
I temporary used Preview to print my PDF, but now I can't as the encoding in which I received the PDF used to be "Creo Normalizer JTP" and now it is "Adobe PDF Library 9.9"
If anyone can help!
This is my first time here, thanks in advance for your help

Here's what it looks like (I work in french, hope you can understand)
I just updated my software, thanks for that!
Now, my problem is still on... I still have the very same result when I print. I did selected the correct Page Scalling I needed. I did selected the paper size I wanted. I chose Shrink to Printable Area and I tried with Fit to Printable Area.
Since I've had this problem the size appears as : 8,49 X 10,99 (Instead of 8,5 X 11). I tried with Legal (8,5 X 14) but it appears as 8,49 X 13,99. I went through the preferences, but I can't find anything that could be the problem.
Any other idea?
Also, Preview was very helpful, as it did print my PDF correctly! I understand it's not the best... but it did the job