Opening PDF in Preview

In pages, when you open the print dialogue there is a PDF button. The top item on the list is:
Open PDF in Preview. Clicking this used to do just that, open the document in preview. After
updating to Snow Leopard, it now opens in Adobe Acrobat. I'm not sure why or how to change
I want to open the PDF in preview, not in adobe acrobat.
thanks for any help you can give.

I'm am truly sorry if I seem impatient. This thing has just annoyed me all day. Thank you for your comments but what you are talking about is setting a default program to open all the PDFs on the computer. This is NOT what I want to do. I know about the feature you are talking about and that is NOT what I'm looking for.
Before updating to Snow Leopard my default PDF application was Adobe PDF Pro. Any PDF I made and opened, did so with that program.
BUT from Pages, when I would press "Open PDF in Preview" it would do so.
SO, if I made a PDF, it would open in Adobe Pro. But, WITHOUT MAKING a PDF, I was able to open
my pages document as a PDF using the "Open in preview" button. I did not make that document a PDF, I did not use quick look. In Pages I pushed command P, selected the options under PDF, pressed "Open in Preview." At that time it then opened my document in Preview and I had a wide variety of formats to save it in, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF etc. From there I often saved the document as a JPEG (for reasons to long to explain here.)
SO, at present Adobe Pro is set as the default PDF opening program as it should be. But, from Pages, I want to be able to save in various formats, in the past I have done so from the drop down menu mentioned above. That was true for two years up until this past week when I changed operating systems. I simply want to regain the lost functionality.