Nokia n86 camera photos preview problem

hey, i have a problem with my nokia n86
when i go to Photos > Captured photos
and i "travel" by the months that the pictures were taken,
for some pictures, the preview image is completely different than the actual image!
for example, i browse the phone for some the pictures taken in september 2011. then, when i choose one and try to use it, or even if i enlarge the picture i chose, i find out that the preview is plain wrong!
this bug is for most of the pictures i took.
this is really annoying -  i can't find pics i took and use them. i must move them all to the computer
also restart wont fix it.
and i tried to update the software but it is the latest.

Hi MS23,
Welcome to the Nokia Forum and thank you for your post.
Please reinstall the phone's current software using Nokia Suite. Click on the green arrow, where the option to reinstall the current software will be displayed in blue. 
This will clear up the bug that's causing the preview of the image to be incorrect.
Please get back to me to let me know if you manage to resolve your issue, otherwise I can provide further support.
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