New IPad resets itself in mid-call using FaceTime???

Using my New IPad, 16gb, wi-fi  only this morning, doing FaceTime, in the middle of the call, the screen went blank, and the iPad appeared to completely reset itself; that is, the screen went completely blank and after a few seconds, the apple logo came on the screen, and then it proceeded to reboot to the lock screen. I tried reconnecting and this same thing happened multiple times. Sometimes within a minute of connecting the call, sometimes 5 minutes after connecting, it we in predictable.  Any ideas what to do?

Apologies, Diesel, I should have put in more details:
- when a new contact is created, only the facetime icon appears to the right - no phone or texting icon
- this just started happening, all previous contacts had tel, texting and sometimes facetime icon
- the app doesn't automatically format the phone number correctly when "done" is tapped (i.e. add brackets and hyphen if not typed in manually)
- the keyboard has actually lost it's round brackets!
This is my father's iPhone - I'm helping him out, and know more details may be needed.