New camera profile not "appearing" in ACR, but does in Lightroom

I recently created a camera profile for a Nikon D200, using an X-Rite Colorchecker chart photo and the Chart feature in the DNG Editor.  I exported the camera profile.  When I go to the Calibration tab in ACR 5.5, the new profile does not appear in the drop down list with the other camera profiles.  However, when I go to the Develop module in Lightroom 2.5, the new profile does appear in the drop down list there.
I am running Windows 7.  Snooping around my root drive I find that if I look within the Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles directory (referenced in the Fraser and Schewe CS4 Camera Raw book as the Vista location for the profiles) I can find no camera profiles and when I place the new profile there it still does not appear in ACR.  When I look in ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\Camera\Nikon D200    directory I can see the regular set of camera profiles for the camera, as well as the one I created, but as I previously stated, the newly created profile does not appear in the ACR list.
A side note - I did some experimentation with camera profile names.  I added "XX" to the end of the Nikon Vivid profile name (not the extension), and then that profile no longer appears in the ACR list of profiles.  I removed the extra letters and then the profile reappears in the ACR list of profiles.  Seemed odd behavior to me.  I also noticed that the profile I created with DNG Editor is noticeably smaller than the others provided by Adobe (28K compared to 110k).
Hope someone has a suggestion for me.

Your reminder about both Photoshop (main) and Bridge needing to be shut down for changes to take effect reminded me that I had Bridge set to "auto-start at log-in".  So I checked and it was still running (shown with the other hidden icons).  When I "shut it down" from the UI I had thought it was fully terminated.  So I completely shut Bridge down, restarted, and the new profile now appears.
Thanks for the reminder/pointer in the right direction.