Neo 2 Plat Bios 1.3... adjusting HTT freezes bios

I just built my system last night with the components below.  Had problems with installing windows at first due to random lock-ups during the install process.  Moved the raptor to sata 2 from 1 (learned today from reading that i'm gonna want to put in in 3 or 4) and adjusted the jumper on my combo drive to cable select from master.  Was able to install and bench test the system with no issues after that.
Then i went to start overclocking and upon attempting to bring up the HTT multiplier menu i found that the sub menu comes up blank (blue window with nothing in it) and locks up the bios.  Can't go back or do anything, just have to power cycle.  I've never seen a bios freeze before and i hope this isn't a sign of things to come.  The board came with bios 1.3.  Any suggestions? multiple cmos resets have not fixed the problem.  I'm at work and the system has been running prime 95 all damn day so at least things are running well, but i refuse to run a system stock    Thanks for your suggestions.
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
AMD64 90nm 3000
2x512 OCZ 3200 plat rev.2
OCZ Powerstream PSU 520w (3.3v @ 28a, 5v @ 40a, 12v @ 33a)
Thermalright XP-120 heatsink with as5 and 120mm YStech fan
WD740 Raptor (system/games) sata
WD200JB 200gb storage pata
NEC ND-3500A BK 16x dual-layer DVD+-RW (with 80 ide cable)
BFG 6800GT @ 405/1130
Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS

Also if u feel comfortable to flash to bios 1.36, i hear those are the best ones so far for OC and stability... there are also some tweaked bios 1.37 on the Overclocking forum, and those seem to be good too...
I am going to install my Msi Neo2  tomorow too so... might hear from me soon again...