Mid-2009 Macbook Pro will not turn on

Hi Folks,
so my mid-2009 15in Macbook Pro will not turn on. I updated the OS to Mavericks in December 2013. I'm from California, but I recently moved to the Guam/Marianas area where it is more humid and generally around 87 degrees F all day. For the past month my computer has worked fine, albeit I did notice the fan was running a little more than usual. I usually would just put it into sleep mode when I would finish using it (apparently a bad idea based off of reading other posts concerning humidity and, more importantly, heat). One day I finished using it, closed it and the next day went to open it; I could hear the fans start to work, but then it stopped. It hasn't turned on since. You press the power button and nothing happens. I tried all the troubleshooting stuff.
So, my question is this: what do you think is the problem? Moreover, how much do you think it could cost to repair it? My experience with computers suggests to me that it's probably a dead motherboard. I'm wondering if it's worth trying to salvage this thing or if it would be prohibitively expensive. There are no Apple stores in the area to take it in to get advice unfortunately.
Now, I just want to vent a little frustration. I have many apple products, and I've even switched my mother over to an apple computer, but now that I need some very basic support, apple doesn't provide a contact e-mail or a free chat? I think charging someone $19 for 'one time assistance' is ludicrous. I bet if I brought this into an apple store I could at least get some advice, and thus get some idea how I want to proceed with repairs or not. I suppose I'm also rather frustrated that my macbook, which I have been most happy with all these years, breaks because I go somewhere a little more humid and generally warmer? It would appear that the hardware failure is connected to the climate. This makes me skeptical about purchasing another mac if it can't handle a little humidity. (I have not spilled liquids on it, nor have used this computer while transitioning from an air-conditioned/humid location which could potentially cause condensation). I do not think I'm being unreasonable (yes I do think a $2500 computer should not fail after less than 5 years), but if you think I am unreasonable, please enlighten me.
Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.

the “Important Handling Information” in the little white manual that came in the box with your MacBook Pro states that its operating temperature range is from 50 °F to 95 °F (10 °C to 35 °C), and that its operating range of relative humidity is 5% to 90% (non-condensing). If your corner of the Pacific is outside of these ranges, the manual states that “Failure to follow these handling instructions could result in damage to your MacBook Pro”.
I have no idea what problem your MacBook Pro has; since you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting stuff, you’ll need to somehow get your MacBook Pro to a qualified service facility to diagnose the problem. If the logic board does need to be replaced, it would probably cost hundreds of dollars for a replacement, and you might find that purchasing a replacement used MacBook Pro of the same model to be price-competitive with just replacing your MacBook Pro’s logic board.
If you find Apple’s out-of-warranty policies unacceptable, then your only alternative to venting would be to purchase your next computer from a different company which has out-of-warranty policies more to your taste.