Install Failure: Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1.

I have problem with installation Win7 x64. Installation stops on disk selection with mesage: "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information". I tried ICH9 controler in mode AHCI and RAID. Loading intel drivers (Ver: and gives me masage "Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1." Details: "Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x80300001". I can see drives, make new partition and format it.
CPU: Intel Q6600
MB: MSI Neo2 FIR (intel P35 and ICH9R)
HDD: 2x 640GB SATA (empty)

I had the same problem. On a new build, ASUS P8Z68-V/Gen4, I a pulled a WD 1TB Sata HDD from another computer I had and put it into my new computer.  The drive was previously used just as a data drive, not a boot disk. Win 7 didn't want load on it.
I followed the instructions posted by BenFreefly (although abbreviated slightly) and it worked. For reference, here are the steps;
1) After Windows gives you the error, hit SHIFT-F10 to get to the command prompt.
2) From command prompt enter the following commands:
list disk
select disk 0    (your disk may be a different number)
create partition primary
exit    (exits diskpart)
exit    (exits command prompt)
3) Click on Refresh
4) Windows now sees the disk as a primary disk
5) Select the disk and click Next.
From there, Windows will extract files and the install will boot several times.
Phil C.
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