Inserting Dynamic Images in to a Crystal Report 10

Hi all,
I am trying to insert dynamic pictures into my report from repository, by getting the path for the picture from database fields. The version that I am using is Crystal Reports 10.
Here is what I have done.
I inserted an OLE object into the report, went to "Format Graphics" by right clicking on the OLE object, then to "Hyperlink" Tab (as I didn't see anything other than "Reset" button and picture dimension options under the "Picture" tab), and selected "File" Radio button (as I didn't want to display the picture as Hyperlink) and gave the @Filepath as the formula there. @Filepath is the formula that gives me the complete path for the JPEG that I need to insert in the report.
filepath = field A + field B
where field A is the location for the image and field B is the actual image name.
the actual image is located in repository folder.
I am not able to see the image in the report "Preview" section as it is showing it has an empty box and when I click on that empty OLE object, I am able to view the image in a separate window where as my requirement is to view the image within the report (not in a separate window).
I didn't find anything useful under Format Graphics -> Picture tab.
I appreciate any kind of help from you all.

That feature wasn't available nor was it supported in CR 10. You'll have to upgrade to CR Xi R2 or 2008 to allow using a database field as the location of the file.
CR 10 would only load the picture when the report is opened, it will never update when clicking on the refresh button.