How to record a time-limited video with Adobe AIR for iOS

I am trying to record a time-limited video with Adobe AIR for iOS.
For example, I want to implement the following function. Start a one-minute timer before launching CameraUI to record video. When the timeout event happens after one minute, stop recording video, close the CameraUI view and obtain the video data so far.
  I have several questions related to that.
  1. How to stop recording video from outside the CameraUI view(in this case, from the timeout event handler) and then close the CemeraUI view? As far as I know, to close the CameraUI view, the only way is to press the [Use Video] button or the [Cancel] button from inside the CameraUI view. Is it possible to close it from outside?
  2. Even if the first problem mentioned above is solved, then how can I get the video data so far(in this case, the video data before the timeout). I know that normally we can get a MediaPromise object from MediaEvent parameter of the  complete handler, and read the video data from the MediaPromise object. But obviously in this case, we can not access the MediaPromise object just because the complete handler itself will not be executed since the [Use Video] button is not pressed.
  3. Is it possible to add a stopwatch to show possible remaining recording time when CameraUI view is open? It seems that the CameraUI automatically uses the full screen of iOS device(in my case, iPad) and there is no extra space to show the stopwatch.
  Are there any solutions or workarounds about the three problem above? I really appreciate it if anyone has any idea about this. Thanks in advance.

You'd have more control by using the Camera object, showing the camera on a video object inside a Sprite, and capturing that. Then you could put whatever graphics alongside it on the stage.. I've used FlashyWrappers in a test to capture the video to the library.  It took some work, but the test worked well...
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