How to put Video/DVD/games/eBook to Nokia

Nokia phone still the NO.1 of all the phones, As a fan to Nokia phone, I want to share with you some tips to play Nokia. Only some experience of play Nokia phone, just enjoy it.
This guide will show you how to put videos to Nokia, DVD to Nokia, games to Nokia and eBook to Nokia.
1 How to convert DVD/Video to Nokia
2 How to free download games to Nokia
3 How to put eBook to Nokia
1 How to convert Video/DVD to Nokia
After you download [url=]Daniusoft DVD to Nokia Suite[/url], you may find there are two options for you to choose for DVD to Nokia or Video to Nokia.
1 Run “DVD to Nokia Converter” to load Daniusoft DVD to Nokia Converter.
Insert your DVD disc into your DVD-Rom. Click “Load DVD” button to add the DVD file. You can also click “Load File” to add DVD/IFO from your hard disk.
A regular DVD movie has several titles, by default, this software will merge all the DVD chapters into one video clips, you can check the click box before the title list to select any DVD clips you want to rip. Then just check the box “Merge into one file” to join file.
2 Open the drop download list to choose the Audio and Subtitle you like, you can also change the output files location.
3 Click on “Start” button to start the conversion.
Video to Nokia
Click “Video to Nokia Converter” to load the Daniusoft Video to Nokia Converter.
The convert video to Nokia is similar with the operation of convert DVD to Nokia
“Add” button to load video -> Choose output “format” -> “Start” Convert
This software supports batch conversion, so you can add several video clips at one time.
Cut off the black edge of DVD- Click on “Effect” button. Move your mouse cursor to a box on the frame around the video to cut off black edge.
Control file size- You also click on the “Settings” button to customize the resolution, such as: video bit rate, encoder, frame rate, audio bit rate, channel, etc. This program also lets you create a profile and save it, then you can use different settings for each video clips.
With the “trim” function, you can trim any segment of videos to convert as you want:
Edit video effect – Click on “Effect” button. You can Adjust Brightness, Contract, Saturation of the video and the adjust the volume of music.
2 How to download games to Nokia (Free Nokia Java Games Installation guide)
Step 1 Download one of the Free Nokia Java Game files to your computer, and unzip the contents to a folder called 'Games' on your desktop.
Step 2. Download and install Nokia PC Suite
Step 3. Connect your Nokia to your computer with a cable or Bluetooth Dongle or infra-red cable
Step 4. Launch the Application Installer and continue. (Tutorial is based on the Nokia 7210)
Click the Install Application Icon Pictured
Here is a webpage which contains the games and themes list for Nokia, you may find many useful information here:
How to transfer between Nokia and computer
Bluetooth - To send a game to your mobile via Bluetooth. You simply right click the desired theme on your desktop, select Send To/Bluetooth/Nokia 6600
A new message will arrive on your phone, open it and you will be able to install the new game. Once installed, delete the message and press the menu button and your game will have been added.
infra red connection cable - Firstly you will need an infra red connection cable. Download the SIS file to your computer. Enable infrared port in your phone. Select your sis file on PC, press right mouse button and select "Send to -> Infrared". The file will arrive as new message. Open Messaging application, then open the message. Installer will be started automatically.
Then go to the folder where your files have been downloaded and unzipped into, and select a game folder. For this tutorial we are going to install Blackjack, because we have a gambling problem Double click the Blackjack folder.
Now you will see the all important Blackjack.jad file double click it to download it to your Nokia 7210
Wait until the installation process has finished (indicated below). Blackjack is now installed and you can gamble to your hearts content
3 How to read eBook on Nokia
1 Download and install the Ebook for Nokia to use as your eBook reader.
2 Download the Doc or TCR version of an eBook (perhaps Frankenstein).
3 Transfer the downloaded file to your phone in the standard way.
Recommended eBooks:
1 eReader
Formats: eReader, Doc.
2 MicroReader
For java-enabled Siemens mobile phones.
Formats: Doc, TCR, text. Freeware.
3 ReadM
Formats: Doc, TCR, and gzipped text files. Freeware.
4 eBook for Nokia
Formats: Doc, TCR, text, and HTML. Freeware.
5 iSilo
iSilo reads Doc eBooks in addition to its own iSilo format, and it's very easy to convert text, HTML, or DOC files into an iSilo document using free desktop tools.
Formats: Doc and iSilo.

Re: Ebooks
Your explanation for adding ebooks to the phone:
"3 How to read eBook on Nokia
1 Download and install the Ebook for Nokia to use as your eBook reader.
2 Download the Doc or TCR version of an eBook (perhaps Frankenstein).
3 Transfer the downloaded file to your phone in the standard way."
Well the only way I know how to put ANYTHING on there is ZOON and ZOON DOES NOT HAVE AN OPTION IN IT FOR EBOOKS THAT I CAN SEE.  
How is "IN THE STANDARD WAY" supposed to be of any use or help to me whatsoever when STANDARD WAY FOR EBOOKS IS NOT EVIDENT TO ME???