HDMI Out memory full errors

Almost every time I go to play my HD videos i recorded via the HDMI out port, i get memory full errors.
Even when there are no apps running in the background.
Some times a reboot will help, but not always.
Is this a bug?

Hi Kristopher,
Is the GPIB-ENET connected to a larger network, or is this an isolated network just for the GPIB-ENET? Make sure that other network traffic isn't causing a problem. If you can, try connecting the GPIP-ENET directly to a PC using a crossover cable (be sure to set a static IP address on the PC). This should eliminate the hub or any network traffic as the cause. If the issue is only with one particular device, try to remove the other devices to see if you still have the problem. There shouldn't be a memory leak if all other devices are working properly. Try to isolate the cause by removing devices and steps in the network. Good luck.
Michael Chaney
Systems Engineer - TestStand
National Instruments