Get "404 Not Found" after deployment.  How to find out correct URL?

To the experienced:
In preparing to deploy my application, I am using JDeveloper to deploy the application to the standalone oc4j server that is included in JDeveloper. After the deployment, I get the "404 Not Found" error when trying to invoke the application in a browser. The deployment looks OK, becasue the log window in JDeveloper showed no error when running deployment from inside JDeveloper. Therefore I guess the question is how to find out the correct URL to invoke the application. The steps I took in doing the deployment are as follows.
I first installed the standalone oc4j by running the <jdev_home>\jdev\bin\start_oc4j .bat file. The installation is OK because I deployed the SRTutorial applcation and invoked it in a browser successfully.
The WAR file was created by right-clicking the ViewController project and select to create a WAR file. To the application's Context Root its own name, I typed "ZB" in the box for the context root.
Then in ViewController -> Resources, right_click the deployment file (ZBOV.deploy) and chose "Deploy to" the local_standalone_oc4j. The messages in JDeveloper's log window for the deployment are all clean without errors.
I then used this url to invoke the deployed application in a browser:
But I got an "404 Not Found" error. Right away I tried invoking the SRTutorial application, and it runs fine.
login.jspx is one of the pages for the appllication. In the application navigator, it is located with other files in the ViewController/Web Content/staff folder, therefore I used /staff/login.jspx after ZB/faces.
What could be wrong? If the deployment is actually successful, how to find out the correct url to invoke the application?
Many thanks for your help!

Hi, Arun,
Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it but got the same error.
I tried it by first undeploying the application using the enterprise manager page (which is also part of the oc4j included in JDeveloper). I select the application and clicked the undeploy link, confirmed that I wanted to remove it. And it was removed.
Then in JDeveloper, I right-clicked the ViewController, and in the properties of the probject selected "J2EE Application" and then selected "Use Custom Settings", then in the "J2EE Web Context Root" box I entered "ZB". Created the deployment profile again, overwriting the existing one, and then right-clicked the ZB.deploy node to deploy to the standalone oc4j on the localhost. And I used the url:
And I got the same "404 Not Found" error.
There was no error at the time of deployment using the ZB.deploy profile. On the enterprise manager page, the path of the deployed application is given as /C:/jdev10134/j2ee/home/applications/ZB.ear, and the folder of the deployed application is there. Question is: if the deployment is actually OK, can the correct URL be found in some file somewhere in the folder?
All ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!