Blue Screen Crash with NX6600 AGPx8 with UT2004 only !

Recently bought a MSI NX6600 VTD128.
Got my old drivers desinstalled, ans used driver cleaner 3 in safe mode to get rid of all old drivers.
Installed without any problem the very spécific driver/panel 7122 furnished by MSI.
Did some tests with my old games : unreal tournament was running very well.
Chronicles of Riddick was simply fine and playable (at last)
Splinter Cell seemed to behave very correctly.
Had a try with my new toy : unreal tournemanent 2004. Made it patched with latest released patch.
It simply crashes randomly, ingame, during lauching, when trying to reduce the application and so on.
Still encountered no others issues with no other games (NOLF2, ET, UT2003 is simply fine and nevers crashes)
Current software/hardware config :
XP on automatic update since installation.
CPU - Intel P4 2.8 fsb 800.
MB - Asus P4-PE-X, with latest bios and chipset drivers - lan and audio onboard.
2 IDE drives, 1 CD recorder, no other special peripheral installed.
simple 512 MB 400 Ram stick in slot 0.
Is there any hints ou clues to what's happening and how to correct it ???  PLease !

Thank you for your quick response. 
Will give more than one try to your suggestions !
Have already tried previous version (6693) of the driver, but it simply ignored the presence of the card.
I'm gonna find that 61.77...
However, new hints :
At reboot windows crash analysis report an unknown driver peripheral error.
Further test with Splinter Cell (bundled) provoked crashes also, with this message from windows crash analysis :
Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)
Since not a englich technician, I don't catch this " also heard about turning off DEP"
what is DEP an acronym for please ?
Thanks in advance !
EDIT : this card is one of the first AGP serie...not a pcie